Thursday, August 9, 2007

Women Rights participate political in Cambodia

Dear all.

I was interested about the women working in the politic, this essay will mention about the rights of women for doing a job in the society. In the past, women have no rights to do anything besides working in the house, take care children and they did not allow women to vote or work in the political institution because they thought that women have no ability to work as men. However, in present time; women have the equal rights as the men. Women can do anything and can work in the politics place like men as well. Moreover, this paper will talk about the evolution of women from working in the house to work in the politics institution. Therefore, how women demand their rights? What women can do in working outdoor?

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Blog.Ponnarith said...

Yes that is right! But I wonder that why do most men (leaders of the world of some powerful countries)seem ignore for women to land power in politic? cus of they lack of education? disability? weak? what is the nature of men that they view on womem in politic that must under men?

chansath said...

Hi kanna,

This topic is good for riase up the case women should paticipate in politic because as the law we have the same right. Any way, your title should change to < The Right of Women Participate in Politic in Cambodia > that sound beter.

im meng said...

Hi, Sokkanna

After I read your abstract, I am very interesting in your topic, I just share some idea.If women want to participate in politic, it not too hard, if they build their ability strong enough such as, hight education,active in society and make people confidence,made good example leader, and always stand in front every difficult situation,you see, the word said build yourself first before build others.



Stan Starygin said...


I generally agree with your version of emancipation of women. What I would like to see to help me comment on your topic in substance is a link to a particular right or set of rights that your topic deals with. This is not a history class which is why I can't let you write generally on the emancipation movement, but if you base it on a particular right and mix with background historical developments, this should make for a good paper.