Thursday, August 9, 2007

Right of prisoner in Cambodia

Dear all

I am interesting about Right of prisoner in Cambodia. Because in Cambodia most of prisoners do not have right in real action in prison that not follow to article of UDHR so I will describe about right of prisoner in Cambodia.

Contract: Universal Declaration of Human Right that said by general assembly of United Nation were create in 1948, According to article one said that all human being are born free and equal in dignity and right they, they are endowed with reason and conscience and should act forward one other in spirit of brotherhood, mean as human being has equal right like men or women that has right to express, right of life, right of education etc. Even all man who had mistake or illegal action that make law punish them and take them to jail so they become prisoner but they still have right as legal person like right of security, right of express etc… mean all person under any form of detention or imprisonment shall be treat in a humane manner and with respect for the inherent dignity of human .so I want describe detail about Right of prisoner in Cambodia that it is developing country to you. Nice to get commend from you .thank


Blog.Ponnarith said...

I think that depend on the individuals (official) who in charge of for responding the prison whether they awear/respect prisoner rights or not or they just need money from the prisoner's relation in order get light punishment or get off free. Anyways, our society is hard to say for maitaining this case of right, who care and observ? NGO? we have law and rights but sometime people..........

Sovannarith said...

Dear Ravy

I really appreciated for your topic on concerning about the right of the prisoner in Cambodia. I would like you to go ahead about this. For one thing I would like to raise up is that the right of the prisoner is very narrow on expressing something. Accordingly to my brother he report me that all prisoners are the man who only serve the interest of the powerful man. He, one time, went with his friend to see the landscape in the prison he was very suprised you know why! his friend detailed him that if there were new comers they were beaten very crucial by the policement, called Kla Hos. But for the olders they are the key player to earn money for the policement. There are many categories of the prisoners that divided as classess. For me I think even though they were put to jail no body can abuse their right but those policement still abuse. Do you think the UDHR can solve this problem? Thanks From Sovannarith.

Stan Starygin said...

Hi Ravy,

I work with prisoners and prison personnel on the issue of respect for human rights, and I disagree with your statement that "prisoners have no rights in reality", although it is true that a number of their rights might be currently ignored by the government, and thus violated. It is generally a good idea to discuss prisoner rights in Cambodia, however, I would recommend you focus on those that are violated and that present most of a problem in implementation.

UDHR is a fairly basic document that doesn't necessarily provide full coverage of prisoner rights. For more detail, please, view the UN Declaration of Basic Principles for the Treatment of Prisoners.