Wednesday, August 22, 2007

My second abstract on the topic of: comparative on the right to inherit in both hammurabi code and Magna Carta

As i got a comment from prof.Stan that my first posted
abstract last time was not clear,then i decide to post it again by changing to new abstract but for my topic still appear the same in order to
ask you all for giving comment me on my abstract or adding some ideas on my analysis on this topic? So, please give me some comments on this.

Below is my abstract:

in this essay,first of all,i will take out an article in both two
codes that related to the right to inherit to show what this right
mean by explaining how the right to inherit set an obligation and to
whom will get or take care of the inherit.Second,i will make a
comparison on how it is similar and how it is different between the
right to inherit in hammurabi and magna carta.Third,i will make an
analysis on why this two codes stated out the similar or different
between the right to inherit,what the intend of creating this
right,how this right is related to human right,and why margna carta
code is still existed longer than hammurabi code.

Thanks in advance.

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moen savoeun said...

If you follow what you have planned, it will be the good job I think. It is the interest topic.