Friday, August 24, 2007

Right to Adequate Housing

Morning Professor,

After you've comment me to add more clear purpose and expanded abstract, so here below is:

I'd like to discuss - what is people right to Adequate Housing about according to UDHR and convenant. Furthermore, i'd like to talk what is a negative and positive caused by Forced Eviction to people. In this connection, i will explain - how this Right to Adequate Housing link to Right of health, Right of Education. Why i said it link to these rights because according to research relate to a case which authority move people from Tonle Bassac to live out of town - people there can't have clean water, hopital, school and so on. Yet, Civil Society concern more about young people who lose a chance to go to school.
Lastly, I'll discuss how this Adequate Housing Right link to people standard of living.

That's all for my abstract. So please comment me.


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