Monday, August 6, 2007

Children right to education in the remote area of Cambodia

Dear all,
I have chosen the children right to education in the remote area of Cambodia. This topic is focus more about the girls who have less chance to get education.

Abstract: As we all see that the condition of living in Cambodia is very poor especially in the remote area while people are doing farm for living. They do not make much money but they use their crop in exchange for food. In doing farm they need labor which is their daughters or sons. But since it is more custom tht girl know how to plan right than boy, it is require to have the girl quited the school.
Furthermore, through the development of Garment factory in Cambodia, parents in the remote area of Cambodia tent to send their daughter to work as the garment worker. To do this they hope their girl relief the burdence of the family. And to do this they have to stop from school since the stomach is more important the education.


John Se said...

Hi Ka,

I personally think that it is kind of good topic to write for your term paper because of the fact that children right in Cambodia seems so worse as far as I have seen. I just to bring you to the attention that some children in the city has as the same problem as in the romate area. For instance, some of them salling flowers, newspaper and some of the stuff at the resturants in the city and over Cambodia and Japenses fridge. I do think that it is volent and abuse the children rights - don't you think so? Formore, for your writing you are able to seek some of factory worker or other place to find out why they have employees those children underage to work. We don't think of these imperative resource sooner or latter our country will short of Human Resource to develop the country economic due to the government not to pay attention to children educaiton serioursly.

I am sure you will have alot of more idea to write this topic. I just want to hints some ideas only. I look forward to seeing your writing anxiously. Thanks - Se John

sithanay said...

Dear, Mr. Ka that is my small point of view.

Actually, though in city, town or remote areas in Cambodia, no one band any child right from going to school. Now, many schools are built. Some students are sent to teach in the remote area. And no girl is dismissed from school or is obstructed from education. In the constitution, chapter VI, article 66 states that the states shall provide free primary and school education to all citizens in public school, and citizens shall receive education for at least 9 years.
My concept is that we want to talk about the role of government in providing occasion or more help to children in the remote areas. But government always appeal the people to send their children to school, and also declare that children who go to school pay nothing.
Reasons causes the children quitting school are :
1- poverty : children can go to school but parent can not afford their foods, transportation some school are fare away fro home.
2- School fee is not paid for education, but instruments as writing books, pen, cloths etc . parents in remote area are farmers can not support.
3- Teachers, professors have not enough salary. So, they needs their students to help through many way as selling copy of lessons.
4- Help students in passing examination, some parent can not afford their children to pass exam.
5- Government have many plans but lacking observation, and pursuing.
6- Lack of nearby school related to increasing of population.
In case some families can afford boy because they treat boy will be the leader of family.
In short, no one can confiscate the right of children of remote areas in education they quit school because their family can not afford them.
Consequences of the most children who quit or are fare away from school.
-Using drug or glue
-committing crime, rape
-robbery and thieves
All of them will be tools for terrorism.
Recommendation : government should raise more fund in education especially in remote areas and focused on infrastructure teachers living condition.
People should do: we are brother we should encourage older brother, sisters value
highly education. We parents should provide equal occasion to daughter, and son because they are the cell of society and resources of development.

Blog.Ponnarith said...

Surely that is the traditional problem of Khmer people that most of them don’t aware of how education and knowledge is very crucial for their children particular to women or because of disability of parents (poor) somehow to send their child to school. Anyway, the government has decided now to establish more schools and enable for garment factory investment for them to work after recover from civil war. The most serious thing I have been noticed is that I really have a pity on Cambodian women because they seem have no rights to make balancing for their life that traditionally like being on others (stay at home and care for child) and when they get divorce by husbands, what can they do? And what kind of rights they lost?

Stan Starygin said...

Hi Ka,

It looks like a good topic and a fair treatment of such in the abstract. What I don't see in the abstract is a. link to a particular right or set of rights, b. well-defined purpose of your paper, as in what exactly that is that you intend to study and the broad strokes of where you are going to look (sources of research) to achieve that. Please bear in mind that all this content needs to be kept down to under 200 words.