Thursday, August 30, 2007

Answer for stan's questions

Hi Stan

Thanks for your comments, that make me to find other concept to answer your questions:

1/ According to Lina Joy's case and International laws and you have mentioned in the class that Malaysian Govt never ratify with the international laws, this question I give example that, if the most countries follow and respect U.N laws, except Malaysian Govt, How can the countries respect the rights to relate with ?

2/- According to your mention "No".
-If not, Malaysia is not a State-party to which contain the right to freedom of religion. As we know that, over the half of people hold Muslim, some Buddhist, some Christian, especially the new generation are Christians. And the past people just follow each other.

3/ Yes, I think, if members of Human Rights often push Lina Joy's case to spread every where around the world, I'll hope that, it's really to affect to Malaysian Govt for taking into account.

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Stan Starygin said...

I believe it would be instructive to look at the Cairo Declaration of Human Rights which was the Islamic States' response to the UDHR. This instrument Malaysia did sign.

chansath said...

Even though, i comment that the state has its own power but it should be respect human rights because we are all human beings have the same feel, equal chance and so on. So human roght is the rights all people.