Friday, August 10, 2007


Hi all,

i choose comperative Univeral Decreration of Human Right and Cairo Declearation of Human Right in Islam for my topic in Human Right class .This topic i am going to illustrate what is the different between these two topics.and what of the impact of CDRR from UDHR why the second (CDHR) created?. I am also have some analysis from each piont that i will raise up from two declearations of human right what are the respected statements for our new youngs human right should accept for human right in the world.This toptic i am also try to exlaine some articles form each human right and compear them with the same meaning and different.With the compearation i will try to reject the main piont as my view on some cases and situation for easy to understand. With this topic, i think it is going to have a benifit or shear some ideas from your comment to improve the knowlege better.Your comments are the key to adopt the experience learnt.

Khieu Chansath


sothearith keo said...

It is good that you have mentioned what the topic is going to be. The only common i want to give to you is that it would be more useful if you can find real cases that happen in a society,especially,in Cambodia. It will reflect our way of thinking in daily life. This is all what i have for you. Thanks.

John Se said...

Hi Chansath,

It is such great topic. It is good that you are able to define the totally different rights CDRR and UDHR. To be honest with you, I have never seen CDRR but it was alot on UDHR. As our friend propose above comment, please find one real case to see the differnt. Look foward to seeing your. SE John

chansath said...

Thank you for your cotribution to my topic. If there are news relate to my topic,if you don't mind let me have your views. your contribute to community make the world change.

Stan Starygin said...


I am glad you decided to take advantage of one of the topics I suggested. This is a fairly broad topic (which I believe I mentioned to you in class) that will require setting focal areas to. You can do it in a number of different ways, one of which could be looking at the differences between the rights and substance of some rights in the UDHR and CDHR from the standpoint of political and/or religious issues that had gone into their framing. Another way of approaching this is to pin down one right or a group of related rights and do comparative analysis. Whichever you chose is up to you. All I need to further comment on the content of this is a narrower topic and a more clear abstract outlining it.


Stan Starygin said...

Since there have been a couple of comments about suggesting you incorporate a case study into your narrative, look no further than the Lina Joy case that you will have to read for class anyway.