Monday, August 6, 2007

Escape from Justic

Dear Professor and all,
I have decicded to choose the topic "Escape from Justic". my topic name is sort of weird but I hope you all will find out when you read my whole content.


Reason why I name my topic Escape from justic is that, Nowaday there are people who commited human right violence but they can get away from justic so I am going to talk about why there are some people can escape from justic what does the causes of it that could make them free from justic when they commited a crime and I will take some case study to show.

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Stan Starygin said...

Hi Manera,

It's a fine topic. What I would recommend is that you work further on the title since "escape from justice" doesn't sound like a rights-related topic. Try to link this topic to a particular right to then see how it alters your title.

Human rights don't deal with "some people" as per your reference which is why this topic will prevent you from including cases other than violations of rights by government agents since human rights were created to protect citizens from the abuses of power of their government. It would be most appropriate for the declared topic to talk about why some government officials who have been alleged of committing violations of human rights have escaped prosecution.