Sunday, August 12, 2007

Should Right Be Universal?

Dear Prof. Stan
And All

After I got the comment from my friend, Mr. Dara, that asked prviousely I got the point that" Should Right Be Universal?" it apply both positive and negative.

After taking per-discussion with my friend of mind, we finalized that if Right Universal it will be resulted many view. Of course, I agree with Mr. Dara when the Right practiced in the same condition into different religion, custom, and tradition, and culture it will be hard to apply


The primary objective of my topic I will writ about the Positive and Negative practice when the right universal into different religion, tradition, and custom, and culture. And I will illustrate the histrical background of the concept of right and principle. As I stated previousely, Right should practice everywhere accordingly to the UDHR declaration that said in Article 1 "All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit to brotherhood." So Right should be universal but it must be practiced nuder the rule of law and social morality to ensure this practicing would not become overusing.

Appreciated to see your comment

Korm Sovannarith


Stan Starygin said...

Hi Rith,

I understand you chose to take advantage of one of the topics I offered. This is fine. I am not sure I understand from this abstract where exactly you are going with this topic. I do appreciate the fact that you are intending to look at the positive and negative aspects of having universal rights, but I am not sure why you at the end of the abstract you, all of a sudden, begin to focus exclusive on the Equality Clause of the UDHR. If you want to write about the Equality Clause, you are welcome to it, however, if you declare 'universal rights' as your topic, it, in my opinion, should contain more than just one right from the preamble of one international instrument, but, rather, a study of the universalist philosophy, as an outlook on rights.


Sovannarith said...

Dear Prof. Stan

Appreciated for your comment.

Well, the reason I interlinked my topic to the UDHR I mean that not to write about the Equality Clauses of the UDHR, in constrast, I just want to raise the interaction point of the right in the UDHR to reflect with strick obligation of the religion, tradition, and custom and culture in each state. It would be ok if I only express the idea of right in the UDHR to support my topic but not specifically focus to write about the Equality Clauses in the UDHR. One more point in this topic, I will emerge the International Law to compare to the Universal Rights as well.

Please advise me more on going with this topic.

Thanks for your comment