Monday, August 6, 2007

The Right to Life and Housing in Cambodia

TOPIC: The Right to Life and Housing in Cambodia

Abstract: To see the actual issues happens Cambodia relating to the right to life and housing. So, I want to raise the issue to discuss with professor and all of you.

According to(*)the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, proclaimed by the General Assembly in 1948 , the Right to Life and Housing is one of them. The Cambodian government always celebrated the Human Rights on 10, December every year.

Actually, in developing countries as Cambodia, and other countries face heavily developing of urbanization, the government earnestly to place the homeless people to outside of the city. In the recent years, the Phnom Penh authority and other many replaced to uptown region. Really, most of the poor people got the new shelters through the intervention from other non-government organizations, but some live under tent with difficulty. There are much reasons caused so. Among those reason is different compensation between authority and the residents. Many false statistics collected by lower authorities made inflation, and caused increasing problems and continued to overwhelming for solving. Government should provide most occasion to the homeless. Help the right to life mean improve human rights stated in UN charter and in the Cambodian Constitution chapter III, article 32. More over, in the principles of the democratic countries. On the other hand, using forces to replace those people effects the Human Rights especially the Right to Life and Housing.

In other word, Human Rights is the main issue to solve. Among those human rights, the right to life and housing is key issue for Government to raise more in order to keep the stability in society . In short, The right to life and housing, is the major goal of the UN and government wanted to solve for eradicating poverty.

The United Nations systems, What the UN Does for Justice, Human Rights and International Law. Compiled by Stan Starigin, 2004, page 13

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