Monday, August 6, 2007

Final Project

Dear professor and all.

I have decicded to choose the topic "The women rights in Hamurabi and the women rights in Magna Carta".

Abstract :

I am choosing to compare the women rights in this two period of time because I think that in this countries have differnces women rights. According to our study we can know that Hamurabi was the king control by absolute power and in the Magna Carta is the lead to democracy. In this topic I want to make everyone know about how the king give rights to women in the Hamurabi. And I also want everyone to know that how do the women right developed from the time of Hamurabi to the time of Magna Carta. Before there was no UDHR and others declaration to protected human rights. So in this topic I want to know how did this two countries treated their own citizens.
At last, I think that this comparism could help us know how do the women rights develope to the present time.

I am looking foward to hear any comments from everyone,Best regard Sopheak. Thank

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Stan Starygin said...

Hi Sopheak,

The title is fine and the abstract is clear. I have no further comments at this point. Go ahead and start researching it.