Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Correction the error part,Article, of Cambodian Constitution

Dear Prof. Stan

I am writing this to correct some error part of the article in the Cambodian Constitution.


Cambodia, one particle of the world, is currently practice Constitutional Monarchy which Budhha Relgion is the State Religion. Bascially, Cambodia constitution clarify very concise about the right and freedom to practice religion and also state the right and duties of citizens as well. Indeed, in the article 43, assert that "Everyone have right to Freedom of religion... and Buddha Religion is the state religion" . So even though Cambodian peolple who do not beleive in Budhha religion but they equal and free in practicing their own religion. Moreover, the UN act very important function to declare and decorate the Universal Declaration of Human Right which clarify the right for everyone.

Thank you very much for your comment


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