Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Lina joy's answer

If we look at the Universal Declaration of Human Right (UDHR) in artical 18Stated that " everyone has right to freedom of religion and the right shall include thefreedom to change his or her religion or belief" and as well as a article from ICCPR alsostated that " everyone has right to have or adopt another religion. So from these two UDHR and ICCPR we can see that Malaysian Government has no right to reject Lina's Joy'srequest because of Malaysian has sign the agreement to UDHR as well as ICCPR sowhen a country sign the agreement to UDHR or ICCPR that country have to obey and practice what is stated in those law.

If I were in Lina Joy's position, I would rise up my argument base on the artitlce 18 in ICCPRthat stated everyone has right to have or adopt another religon and because of Malaysia is adoptedthe ICCPR so Malaysian Government must obey this law.

I think that the decision made by the Federal Court in Lina Joy is kind of affect to the future development of right in Malaysia because the decison made by the court is against and violated to international law that they have adopted the law the they dont pratice it.


moen savoeun said...

I'm not sure whether the Malaysian government adopted the ICCPR or UDHR. Do you think Malaysian government these two International Laws?

Stan Starygin said...

That's a good point, Savoeun. Take a look at the link below


Stan Starygin said...

To Q3, what's your forecast on how the rights' status will be affected in Malaysia as a result of the Lina Joy decision of the Fed Court?