Friday, August 10, 2007

The Universal Freedom of Speech to Express

Topic: The Universal Freedom of Speech to Express
So far the freedom of speech to express both for public opinion and printed media or for journalist have been threaten and fearful in figure out what they want to say in order to participate and bring the liberty of democracy for maintain human right in the freedom of speech.
Being asked what will happen when they’re offered to have freedom of speech of no limitation and what they express is in the exaggerated ways. And for some developing countries there still have the problems with corruption/threaten over the news related to reality events that they will be able to change from bad to good and good to bad by corruption. What is the efficiency of that and can be excepted?


Stan Starygin said...

Hi Rith,

I believe your topic needs to be modified, and this alteration needs to start from the title. First off, the correct title of the right is 'the right to freedom of expression'. Second, by declaring this right as a topic you give an impression that you will be focusing on the scope and substance of this entire right, although it doesn't seem to be the case as outlined in the abstract. Something's got to give. I recommend that you either change the title of your paper or change the content of the abstract to fit the broader title of the paper. It is entire up to you how you do, but it the title and the abstract need to be a match. I am not sure I understand your abstract statement entirely, but from what I do, I believe you intend to look at the relation between freedom of expression and corruption, which is an interesting topic to research that I would stick by, if I were you.


Blog.Ponnarith said...

Thanks you I will reform that!