Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Lina Joy Case

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3- Actually, the decision of the Federal Court in Lina Joy is affect the future development of right in Malaysia, because the Federal Court in Malaysia even proof the changed of Lina Joy Case but at the end Lina Joy got worse than before though, on her identity cards one side state her religion as Islamic the name change to Lina Joy, and her original name also stated on the other side of the identity of the cards.

So Lina Joy, has the right to protect her interest in the case of Malaysian government derogated her identity that stated on Malaysian Constitution section 2 of the Administration of Islamic Law.


Stan Starygin said...

Deth, I agree with you on Q3 -- Lina Joy's situation did get worse as a result of litigation, but this is her private issue that she and people close to her will have to deal with. My question is more global -- within the Malaysian content -- as it pertains to the repercussions that the decision in Lina Joy might have in Malaysian society and what it will do to the respect for the right of freedom of religion.

DETH said...

Thanks Stan,
I've commented two people already ready (Rada) and replied to Savoeun already.

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