Monday, August 13, 2007

Comments on Morada's Topic!

Hi Morada,

It is a good idea that you have interested in "Right to Adequate Housing" because I think that it will be more impact with people who are living in the comfortable house, and were expel to live far a way from the city like from Building to Anglong Ka Ngan, as I used to go there last year there has no infrastructure. But now I did not know what happened.

Further more, I think that some case hap pended to early, like the case Long Chhin. There has no reason to destroy those houses.

Thank you for giving me a chance to give a comments.

If my comments understanding in wrong way please do not hesitate to feedback to me.
Best regards,


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Sang morada said...

Dear Ms. Deth,

Thanks for comments, it does help. I also think to these examples, if my topic is not to broad.