Sunday, August 12, 2007

The new plan of the government to expel people.

Hi Mr. Sitha,

It is a good idea that you have raised about these problems because you know clearly about those thing.

And if you do not mind please you should talk about the next plan that the government will expel the people from which zone for thier development.

I do hope you will understand well about this situation.

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sithanay said...
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sithanay said...

sithanay said...
Hi Deth

Thank for your support my abstract. I 'm sorry for short reply.
I am not clear all about the plans of the government. What I know is only small part of the plan of authority of Phnom Penh. Phnom Penh city covers many works . What I know is a small part of those.
Every developing country meet moving people from place to place. Based on this problem, there are many complicated issues for society to solve. In the real situation in Cambodia, there are two problems, one is land conflict and installation residence on public or private land.
However, government play a role between people and company who have policy to develop that land. Government and authority try to compromise between company and people. Time last for long, but issues can not be solved, so, company lost much profit. So, what they want to do.
In this case, I only raise one part of these. Sometime people come from remote area to live on public land and some people sign contract between them and landowner or authority, but when owner need to use their land, those people who temporarily have lived on that land claim compensation.
As you know, government is poor. so, solving these problems need help from foreign or private funs or some intervention from some organization.
This problems can not be solved for a day a week.
You ask me new plan of govenment to compel people, i do not know it is beyond to my job. but what i know is that people who live on the Royal Raiway Station's land ( Roteh Pheung ) are meeting two choice to leave, one live near them place, and another choice in Dangkor District. they are not forced to leave without compensation.( that is not my responsibility only my attention )
Thank for interesting