Monday, August 6, 2007

Right to Adequate House

Dear Professor and all,
Artical in Universal Declaration on Human Rights said that "Human are born free and equal in dignity and rights". People have right to have food, dress and shelter to live. However, those people are not forced to move from living place without any reasons. Imagine what their life will be if they've no place to live. So here is a topic, I'd like to raise: "Right to Adequate Housing"
This topic is chosen because I'll discuss what is the negative and positive impact to:
Firstly, People Standard of Living
Secondly, Social infrastructure and Social order

Thanks to your comments.
Sang Morada


im meng said...

Hi Morada

After I read your topic,it's made me interest in it, but I just want you add more some words or meaning in your abstract,because of pro.Stan said at least 200 words in abstract. so if you put more meaning I think, it'll make more interesting topic in class.

from Mr. Meng

Sang morada said...

Dear Mr. Meng,

Thanks for coming up a good comments relate to a topic i've raised.

Hence, i also like to add some briefly follwoing ideas which is here i'd like to discuss about victim who lived in Tonle Basac. They are forced to move to live far from town, those people now, become poorer, the childs can't access to school and so on. Furthermore, few amoung those people commit a bad action such us stealing because of hunger. This action is a government concern.
All in all, Without a Right to Adequate Housing, not just affect to citizens, the government is also.

I'm welcome for further comments.

Stan Starygin said...

Hi Morada,

Before I comment on the title and content of the abstract, the abstract needs to be expanded to include the purpose of this paper and the issues that it will be looking at.