Saturday, August 4, 2007

final topic

Dear teacher and all!

I already have decided to choose the topic.
This is my topic: Freedom of expression in Cambodia

The objectives of this topic are :
First, I really want the Cambodian Poeple to know about their rights of free speech that the Cambodian Constitution provided to us becasue the democratic state, the freedom of speech is so important , people want to talk and share the informantion freely about politics without fearness.

Second, I want to let Cambodian poeple know that freedom of speech is crucial criteria to make the state to become the democratic state like other developed countries in the world need freedom of speech to the activities of state.

Third or last, after they know the rights, I really want them to practice their rights correctly in order to make our state to be a democratic state. And also wants the attention of government to change their mind to get what poeople criticize them by not arrest or make them fear from freedom of speech. Finally, i want to sugguest the government to ecourages their poeple to practice the freedom of expression without fearness.

I am appreciate for your comment.


Sang morada said...

Dear Dara,

Your ideas to this topic is very good. Which firstly is trying to educate people about this freedom of expression before they take into practicing. Don't you think without limited of freedom of expression which is harm to others or society, caused society fall into trouble or conflict, like a case happened between Cambodia and Thailand since last few years. How do you think relate to above problem.


Stan Starygin said...

Hi Dara,

The topic you chose is doubtless interesting in this society, as it bears a lot of currency.

I would revise your abstract, as it sounds more like a speech outline, rather an academic paper. Remember you are not writing an outline for a grassroots training on the right to freedom of expression, but an analytical paper at the juncture of two disciplines, political science and law.