Monday, July 2, 2007

Lina Joy Case

I want to share comments about Lina Joy case.

Lina Joy is original Malaysian. She want to change her name and convert her religion from Muslim to Christian. She lost the case. As we know that Malaysia is a country that put Muslim as an official religion. Being a citizen we have to obey the constitutional law. The constitutional law stated that ethnic Malays are defined Muslim. So if Lina Joy want to convert her religion from Muslim to Christian is against the constitutional law. And if the court always allow their people to do anything against the rule then their country will be anarchy.

But being a human there is always have a law to protect them, which is Human Rights law. Malaysia decide not to let she wins the case just because the constitutional and blocking her from her will. Under art 18 of Human rights stated that people have their own right to choose to believe, to change the religion through their wish. And if one country praise one religion and bannig their people from changing the religion is against the human rights. This case we can see there is a conflict between human rights law and Malaysian constitional law.
In my opinion, the Malaysian shouldn't bloc their people about changing their religion. Even they declare their country as a Muslim country but religion is something that they should make their people believe by their own not by forcing them. IF they still continually not thinking about this thing, there will be a big problem about religion in Malaysia from a small mistake.

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