Thursday, July 26, 2007

Commenting in Comment Boxes


Please continue communicating in the comment boxes and only post messages on the mainboard if you want to address the whole group.



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Anonymous said...

Dear Ravy!

You raised a good question and for your question is a hot issue and happened in Cambodia society alot. So let me try to answer your question.

From my point of view, the Buddhist taught people who believe in Buddist do not do something bad.
According to the eight folds path, when people can follow up the eight folds path. There is no crime in the society.

When we look back to the ancient time, we don't have such a good law like that. That's why most people they believe and practice what the Buddhist taught them. But now, we not only have the Buddhist religion but we also have a law to control the state. For example, when you commit a crime we will in jail when they arrested you.

So the Buddhist is just a theories to taught people do not treat bad in the present time if you do so you will be in jail. Moreover, Only the Buddhist cannot keep the society stable, we must have the law to control them in order to keep the state in order.

Now when you commit a crime you will see your result soon. So the Buddhist theories taught us do not do bad thing you will get bad in the next life or this life.