Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Buddhism play the important role to for human respect in society

Dear, Professor Stan, Andy Ahmed and Venerable Ka.

I have two questions to pose as following :

1- Human rights is respected universally. Due to my concept is that the regions where human rights is not respected war and quarrels always happen. Does my concept is right or wrong ?
based on some reasons, I see that in the world, many countries and many religion and they practice them differently according their traditions. From the Ancient to now, people have been divided into classes and mostly the high ranks have always treated the lower their own slaves so they should not obey or respect them and also act bad thing on them. That reasons makes the uprising of the lower classes against the high ranks. The quarrels became ideology war against each other. So, if the high classes also respect the lower ones no war and quarrels rarely happen. For instance, in democratic theory states that majority lead but they should not reject the minor ideas. In other word, for example, the owner of a factory who rend many employers and they should respect the employers by providing appropriate amount and time in any case problem they should talk to each other without violence. Buddhism have a role of institutions to keep society order. In order to avoid the conflict between the strong and the weak, Buddhism states that people must obey each other, do not steal or robe other properties do not kill other and consider other as their own one. Similarly, in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, GA , Charter 3 and 4 states that everyone have the right to life, liberty and security of person. In the Charter 4, it states that no one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment. Beside of following governmental law , and regulations people always practice religion, so people mostly believe Buddhism because they believe that the leaders in Buddhism are always devoted especially the monk leaders are undesired ones. Thank for explaining !

1 In the concept of human rights, Buddha always told people not to violate each other because we are human and others are human so we must respect each others but he also instruct that we should not revenge any person who act bad action on us and always states that, “Rancor ends by no Rancor ” . What does it mean? If people make something bad on other that is the violence human. Why Buddha warn the victim from revenging violator. In This case, if we take action against him by law. Do we create Rancor or not ? Thank for your answer!

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Stan Starygin said...

Hi Sitha,

It's quite difficult issue to speak about the universality of human rights. Some believe that what we normally refer to as "international human rights" should really be more appropriately labelled as Western human rights. A number of states do not concur to these rights and they have developed their own human rights which they believe are based on their religion, tradition and custom.

The idea of human rights is undergirded by the fact that there's clear and immediate punishment for their violation. Buddhism, on the other hand, advocates that punishment will enexorably be meted out through the turns of the karmic circle and thus will not be immediately meted out.