Thursday, July 26, 2007

good everning sir i am happy to get your explainantion but i still not clearly about human righ tand buddhism ! for me i think human right it is universal law for man but i think it is form part buddhism ! but for your view you said human right as a concept fairly modern western creation , for my view i think even it is modern western creation it still as a form part of buddhism because it though western concept also part of buddhism! the buddhism is first doctrine that buddha enlignment forst then concept western maybe born in next time so i believe it also cop0y from buddhism theory ! for in view it is right or wrong ? i am happy to get your advice and waiting for more explaine from you

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men ka said...

Good evening again,
well what you have said is correct. If we refer directly to term we could see the term in the Buddha's teaching but if we take the teaching into conderation, we can see clearly that the Buddha's teaching is full of human right. For example, the first precept that mentioned every body must abstain from killing, and the second abstain from stealing. It is the duty not to steal and not to kill. We can also say that duty makes right. If every one has duty not to kill and not to steal, every one has right to life and right to own property. That is part of human right what we refer right now.