Monday, July 23, 2007

The Buddha On Human Rights

Dear Prof. Stan
And Dear All

I just find way to have the post it hard for me even if I can access today, so here I am to going to present something about Buddha on Human Rights.

Buddhist Affirmation on Human Right

Here, my presentation on Buddhist and Human Right, indeed, I found that Buddhist theory and ideology they are all the source of human right which is drawn in Cambodia until present day.
Basically, after the presentation of Mr. Mengkar on Thursday I observed that the Buddha was born in the small kingdom, called Kapilavastu. The present of the Buddha is the great time because he comes to survive the people in the world to avoid of being suffering. The old sage, Ascetic, read the physiognomy of Buddha and predict his future life and said that “Someday the prince will attain Enlightenment perfected in both wisdom and virtue and become the teacher and master of men and devas. The prince will be the Savior of the world. In this sense, there are three main phenomenons that Buddha decided to seek way to become the master and succeed the enlightenment. Firstly, Buddha, the prince, saw the white haired old man with dirty rage and tatter, of course, the prince know nothing about this man and ask his attendant what the creature was. Secondly, the prince saw the illness person. Thirdly, he saw the dead man along the road. These phenomenon threat the prince Siddhartha quietly returned to the palace, went to his room, sat down alone, and thought deeply about what he had seen. Finally, he said to himself “It is too frightful that everybody in this world must be dying someday and that no one can prevent this. Then he does mediation to seek way to avoid it and consider looking for the cause and effect of the event that happen such old age, sickness and the death. The prince decides quietly to leave the palace to find the ultimate truth to avoid all those suffering.
Well let say the Buddhist and Human Right the Buddha is very mercy on the human being and the creatures. The Buddha state precisely in the universal morality of human being and transformed the human’s attitude and respect not to commit the sin in their lives but try to practice good deed for the next holy property. This statement is concerning on the creatures that they are also the being they are live not to be killed. Let think the article that the Buddhist Affirmation on Human Right “Buddha transformed attitude of respect and obedience contained in the ethnic Hindu notion of dhama into a universal morality. By admitting members of lower castes and women into Bhiskshu Sangha, the Buddha took “concrete step to destroy the gospel of inequality.”[8] I think that the teaching of Buddha purposely to change forward on the idea of inequality in the ethnic Hindu and encourage them to seek for their natural right and express them that everyone born equal because no one can infringe their rights even those people live in high class or lower class they are still equal.
In short, I think Human Right was born from the beginning it is merely use properly or not it depends. And the Buddha affirms on Human Right with both human being and other creatures based on the universal morality and natural right and Buddha ideology.

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