Saturday, July 21, 2007

Excerpt on the Three Baskets

This is an excerpt from the same article I posted here earlier (see below this post) to which I wanted to draw your attention since Ka discussed this during the Thursday session. Please bear in mind that it was not the Historical Buddha (Siddhartha/Shakyamuni) who categorized the body of custom and knowledge that had been by then developed (the Dharma) into the Three Baskets but it was done by the Sangha (the community of Buddhist monks and nuns) who did this over 2000 years after the death of the Historical Buddha --

"By 250 BCE the Sangha had systematically arranged and compiled these teachings into three divisions: the Vinaya Pitaka (the "basket of discipline" — the texts concerning the rules and customs of the Sangha), the Sutta Pitaka (the "basket of discourses" — the sermons and utterances by the Buddha and his close disciples), and the Abhidhamma Pitaka (the "basket of special/higher doctrine" — a detailed psycho-philosophical analysis of the Dhamma)"

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