Saturday, September 1, 2007

Getting a Head-Start on the Final Assignment

Hi All,

As term papers start trickling in, I suggest that those of you who want to alleviate the craziness of this term's last week get a head-start on this assignment and turn in their comments on the paper of choice written by another student. Please, bear in mind that comments can be anonymous (in which case you can email me privately and let me know which of the papers on the blog you chose to comment on and I will keep this information confidential), although there is no such requirement.

Will be looking forward to reading all your comments.

Have a good rest of the weekend,


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Blog.Ponnarith said...

I have red their topics some, really complicated and headache! I don't know how should I recomment them. Honesty, how can prof. give a mark to them? The most remarkable thing I noticed is that there were a few of them that could use the style of citation correctly. Thanks!

By Vutha Ponnarith