Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Evaluations/Reviews of Your Final Papers

Dear all,

I just finished writing evaluations/reviews of your final papers. All of you, by now, should have my evalutions in the comment boxes below the text of your final papers. These comments are individualized and pertain to the specific merits of each student's paper. They also vary in format and length, depending on how much or how little I had to say about each of you's paper. If you have received more comments from me than most other students doesn't necessarily mean that the quality of your paper is inferior, but could have been shaped that way for a myriad of different reasons. Please, bear in mind that I had downgraded those of you who submitted their final papers past the deadline, which, for the purposes of this blog, means after my "end of submission period" message. I also downgraded those of you who had failed to conform their footnotes to the standard of the Bluebook System of Uniform Citation, which is an important sidebar of this class. You also would have lost a portion of your grade for the final paper, if you didn't submit at least one comment on other people's work.

Lastly, I would like to thank all of you for participating actively in class discussions and contributing to the three major rights-related discussions on this blog. I have put in long hours reading your papers and writing reviews to help you understand my evaluative methods and phrase them in a way that would sense to all of you. I hope these reviews will be of utility to you in the future.

Many of you have asked me if they could continue using this blog past the duration of this class to which I said 'yes'. This is an exciting opportunity for all of us to stay abread of further developments of human rights here in Cambodia and in the rest of the world. We will not be offering this course in the upcoming semester, but you are most welcome to check in and contribute rights-related article that you might find interesting. We can hold forum discussions on these issues upon request or merely comment on one another's submissions. I will be looking forward to reading those.



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