Thursday, June 28, 2007

To Ka's Question

Hi Ka et al,

Let me try to address the questions you posed as comprehensively as I can.

First off, yes, you sure are most welcome to make any comments you want to make and start any online discussion you choose to start on this blog. One requirement here is that all comments and discussions initiated must be linked to the material that is currently under study (e.g. tonight is our last session on the Code of Hammurabi and, therefore, everyone should have read the material by now which makes it a good time to start online discussions on this topic; please, try to refrain from initiating discussions on topics which have not been covered in class yet and the content of which your fellow classmates have no reason to know in advance).

Secondly, as you noticed I had posted 3 topics for online discussion. Dates during which discussions on these topics can be held will be announced shortly. I also encourage all of you to look through the syllabus, single out the topics that are of special interest to you and on which you would like to have online discussions on this blog and post them here. If there's significant interest in topics other than the ones I have already posted, I will add them to the list of topics for online discussion.

I hope this clarifies things,


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