Wednesday, June 27, 2007

to ka

You have to read all the Codes of Hamu. in Human Right book of Prof. Stand from code 1 to the end. Then you can choose one of them to write and analyze in soft copy and then post in the blog!

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Sang morada said...

Hi Ka,
Firstly, relate to the blog - everyone can post our own interesting topic for our paper assighment. Moreover, we can choose one among the three which professor state in the previous. Ideed, our comments relate to Human rights activity is also welcome to post in this blog.

Secondly, relate to Hammurabi code - students is divided into groups during studied in class, there are Criminal, Agriculture and Family and there is one left which i don't remember. So, everyone need to look into Hammurabi and select which code is belong to a group we're in, and next is summary a code with explaination what's a code about and apply to a modern law by using own idea - how it is affect.
And we need to write down in paper and disscuss in this evening class.